There are some places in Slovenia which could be described as paradise on earth from the fly fisherman’s point of view.

We are lucky to live in Slovenia because others are here just for a visit. Even greater luck is that here everyone can fly fish, no matter if a fisherman or not, female or male. Everyone can buy a fishing permit.

And here is where the story ends if you are not a fisher or you cannot fly fish. This is why Fish & Fun is here to show you and advise how to get started with fly fishing and is there to help you at all times so you can get better and more successful. We will also lend you all of the fishing gear you’ll need.

The claim about fly fishing paradise for can be confirmed by foreign fishermen – every year more and more fishermen come from all over the world to visit this paradise and many of them are returning for several years.

We are pleased that you visited our web page and that you are reading these lines because we are sure that fly fishing will give you a lot of beautiful moments and also make you life more beautiful.