Mission of Fish & Fun

Taking people into the world of fly fishing sincerely, with heart and without any hindrances.

Values we believe in at Fish & Fun

  • Respect the nature.
  • Chivalry at fly fishing, important is how to catch a fish and not how many.
  • Friendship and solidarity between and after fishing with other fisherman.
  • To give somebody something is as beautiful as getting.
  • The master is the one who share the knowledge with others.
  • Honesty in all business and relations.
  • Sincerity when stating facts.
  • In the first place is the way you take to get to the goal and not the goal itself.


Information about the company:

Svetovanje, izposoja in trgovina z ribiško opremo Fish & Fun Andrej Šoštarič s.p.
Registration number: 3081524000
Fiscal code: 86028995