Basic offer for renting the fishing gear is rod, line and reel.

The price of basic offer for lending is 30 EUR. Also the deposit in the amount of 50 EUR has to be pay and is returned to you on the third day. If the gear is returned on fourth day, 10 EUR is deducted from deposit, on fifth day another 10 EUR, on sixth day another 10 EUR, on seventh day another 10 EUR and on eighth day last 10 EUR. After eight days the gear cannot be returned back, the deposit is entirely realized and the gear remains to the renter.

Price for borrowing the fly fishing gear (rod, reel and line) for longer period time is by previous agreement. In case of loss of the gear the deposit is realized.

Major damage is valued and deducted from deposit (it depends on whether it can be fixed or not).

For instance, if the rod in a set is broken, the whole security is realized and the gear is left renter.

Minor disfigurements are not taken into consideration (scratches).