Observing and experiencing the nature, paddling through clear and cold river where many tense and exciting moments that bring happiness are happening – this is fly fishing.

We all tend towards spiritual peace in our life which is like a reservoir in human, filling up or emptying – depending on events.

To spend a day in the world of fly fishing is assurance for event that will fill up your spiritual reservoir. This will be confirmed by anyone who has ever tried to fly fish and we can help you to experience such day.

Fly fishing is taking place in the world of rivers, fish, live insects and their imitations - artificial flies. Fly fishing rod, reel, line and boots are the basic set for fly fishing. Beside fishing gear also technique and tactics are important when fly fishing.

All this combined can be very difficult for someone who has never tried fly fishing before especially if he gets through this by himself. Fly fishing becomes very easy when you have someone who can show you, advise you and help you at all time.

Artificial flies are being used at fly fishing. Making them is an art. In fly fishing a lot of knowledge, innovations, creativity, imagination, skill and last but not least imitation is left to fly-tyer. This is why making the flies is continuously developing and advancing.

History of fly fishing reaches into the time of ancient Rome. Fly fishing in Slovenia also has long tradition. Some events have particularly marked the development of fly fishing in Slovenia. Detailed description of fly fishing school was published in Ribič magazine in 1972/73. First Slovenian fly fishing rod Soča was designed in 1977 and in 1980 first Slovenian book Muharjenje was published and this is something all Slovenians be proud of. These events have left ineffaceable mark on fly fishing in Slovenia.